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The Lovecraftian and Horror Movies

[Heads up! This post is a lot longer than some of my previous ones. Please let me know in the comments whether or not you like content of this length.] Look, I'm not a Lovecraft scholar. I haven't read each and every word he ever put down: stories, letters, diaries, etc., etc. But I have … Continue reading The Lovecraftian and Horror Movies


The Blair Witch Project – 21 Years Later

It's always weird to write about a film that I can so clearly remember seeing during my childhood. The Blair Witch Project came out when I was an elementary school student. It was the perfect storm of media buzz, schoolyard rumors (oh my god, you saw an R-Rated Horror Movie???), and the macho-posturing of telling … Continue reading The Blair Witch Project – 21 Years Later

1922 – The Horror of Decay

I finally got around to watching 1922 on Netflix, knowing nothing about it initially except for the fact that it was (yet another) Stephen King adaptation. When it comes to viewing adaptations of King's work, I try to maintain a healthy skepticism going into the film. While there have been many successes (Stand by Me, The Shining, Misery), there … Continue reading 1922 – The Horror of Decay