Review of The Woman in the Window (2020)

In a film market dominated by remakes and rehashes, filmmakers seem to enjoy the game of blatant tips of the hat to their filmic forerunners. "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em," as the saying goes, and in many recent cases, there's a serious financial incentive to join a pack of successful imitators in hopes … Continue reading Review of The Woman in the Window (2020)


Review: His House (2020)

Netflix's His House, released for streaming on January 27, 2020, is a thoroughly conventional haunted house film with some genuinely unique new trappings, which left me confused if I took anything away from the film. The story focuses on a refugee couple who, having escaped from war-torn South Sudan, find themselves in government housing. However, it … Continue reading Review: His House (2020)

1922 – The Horror of Decay

I finally got around to watching 1922 on Netflix, knowing nothing about it initially except for the fact that it was (yet another) Stephen King adaptation. When it comes to viewing adaptations of King's work, I try to maintain a healthy skepticism going into the film. While there have been many successes (Stand by Me, The Shining, Misery), there … Continue reading 1922 – The Horror of Decay